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Employees of Harbin Qinggonglin Pumps Co., Ltd toured in Golden Dragon Mountain in 2014
Release time:2014-08-26   

On August 21, 2014, the Company organized all employees to take a tour to Golden Dragon Mountain in Acheng District, Harbin and held a rich mixture of activities. This tour and party relieved stresses of employees, enriched their cultural and recreational lives, helped employees to better understand and aware of the Company tenet--honesty, enterprising and struggling, and enhanced staff cohesion. lCK za�r �p�ed employees of Xi’an Branch to relax and enhanced their cultural accomplishment and enthusiasm for work. They saidthey would work harder in future work to enhance their business levels comprehensively and expand sales business in the Northwest regions in order to thank the company for their support and encouragement to Xi’an Branch!

Harbin long-shan jin scenic spot

President Piao Chenggong

President Piao Chenggong


President Piao Chenggong party a speech

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