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SSK-type Enhanced Self-priming Single-stage Double-suction Centrifugal Pump Series

Patent No.ZL00254948.4

Flow: 300 to 20000 m3/h

Lift: 7 to 186 m


The SSK-type Enhanced self-priming pump series, belonging to world’s advanced single-stage double-suction split pump, is designed based on advanced hydraulic design technologies at home and abroad with China’s national conditions. Due to compact structures, better appearances, improved efficiency and cavitation indicators than original sh-type and s-type single-stage double-suction split pumps at home and wider parameter ranges, this series completely substitutes for the sh-type and s-type pumps. The pump series can transport clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties and the temperature not higher than 80 ℃. It can be used in factories, mines, oil fields and cities as well as be used for water plant water feeding and drainage, chemical plant water recycling, agricultural irrigation and various water projects.

1. When the pump starts, watering, vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed. The pump can exhaust gases and prime water by its own vacuum suction device.
2. The sluice valve is not needed at the suction inlet of the pump, thereby reducing the project costs.
3. The self-priming capability is excellent and the self-priming time is short.
4. The starting current is low.
5. The pump series is maneuverable. Manual or automatic separation and reunion of the vacuum suction device is achieved through clutch mechanism so that the service life is prolonged and energy savings effect is increased.

6. The investment is saved and the application of the pump series is safe and convenient. The underground pump house is not needed. The pump is mounted on the ground and can be used when the suction line is inserted into the water, which avoids corrosion to motors and electrical appliances due to the dampness of the underground pump house and eliminates potential safety problems of the underground pump house due to piping and valve burst.

7. With more than 160 models, this pump series has a good assortment of varieties and can be used in a wide range of areas. The performance of different models is different with the flow ranging from 414 to 18000 m3/h, the head lift ranging from 9 to 15 meters and the suction diameters ranging from 250 to 1400mm.

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