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Harbin Qinggonglin Pumps Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise with the main products of Enhanced self-priming pumps. The Company has developed the Enhanced self-priming pumps to the third generation. The Company has been awarded 22 patents, 3 national key new product certificates and 3 key promotion projects of the State Science and Technology Commission. The Company obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2010 and  GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system certification in 2013, was awarded drafting unit of National Standards of “Self-priming Type Rotodynamic Pumps - Types and Basic Parameters”, and won 2013 China  Industry-Academia Cooperative Innovation Award.

Main products: ZWB type self-priming pump; SFB type Enhanced self-priming corrosion resistant pump; SQB type Enhanced self-priming single-stage single-suction pump; SLB type Enhanced self-priming vertical pump(Patent No.ZL99247892.8); SWB type Enhanced self-priming sewage pump (key promotion project of the State Science and Technology Commission in 1996); XBD/XBC type Enhanced self-priming fire pump (key promotion project of the State Science and Technology Commission in 1998); SNB type Enhanced self-priming mud pump (national new product in 1998); SD type Enhanced self-priming multi-stage clean water pump (Patent No.ZL00254913.1;national new product in 1997); SSK type Enhanced self-priming split pump (Patent No.ZL00254948.4;Golden Award in China international Patent & Brand Expo); CXB type Enhanced self-priming vertical-suction split double-suction pumpPatent No.200920099016.7; oilfield-purpose three-linked wrenchPatent No.ZL 99 2 02652.0; QL-PC type microcomputer frequency transverse pressure domestic water and fire water supply equipment, etc.

In order to improve the capability of independent innovation, the Company has established China’s first Enhanced self-priming pump research institute and strengthened the technical cooperation with research institutes and universities so as to continuously promote research and development of new products. Its leading products, Enhanced self-priming pumps, have a number of advantages including saving project costs for users, reducing project construction period, ensuring safe operation, low starting current and lowering operating costs. The Enhanced self-priming technology, having filled in gaps at home, has reached the international advanced level. The products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power, nuclear power, sewage treatment, fire protection, agricultural irrigation and various water projects.

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